Friday, April 3, 2009

Well done Clonakilty marketeers

The Clonakilty Market re-opened today and inspite of the weather looked greatJohn Devoy was up at 1am to get ready.

There was plenty of local produce, like Alan Hassett's giant plaice.
and plenty of vegetables considering it is April.The market should knock off a few food miles, support local producers, connecting them to their consumers, be an attraction for tourists, keep money within the community, create competition with the supermarkets, in a good way, act as an incubator for small food processors, be a social focal point in the town, and lots more. Why then is the town council taking all the traders names and threatening prosecution under the Casual Trading Act? Has the act been implemented in Clonakilty? Has anyone seen the by-laws? Have the Market Rights been extinguished? 

We popped into Scally's on the way home where YOU KNOW WHOSE organic beef is for sale. Scally's are supplied with organic beef  by Good Herdsmen They enquire whose beef is available and if it is ours they take it. It is a pity it has to travel so far, first to Watergrass hill to be killed and then to Cahir to be cut up and then back to Clonakilty.